The problem

Poverty in rural areas

The poverty in Vietnam reach 30% in some provinces, and nearly 5.5 million children experience at least two deprivations in education, health, nutrition, shelter, water and sanitation, or social inclusion.
Deprivations around health and nutrition have also left 1.9 million children under-5 suffering from stunting, leaving permanent physical and brain damage.

In 2018, at North Central and Central Coastal areas, 22.8% of the children are considered poor, most of them living in rural areas.

The Solution

To fill the gap

In terms of poverty, it is found that living environment, education, nutrition and access to information are the main dimensions contributing to the poverty index. Reducing the gap in these dimensions will contribute to the rapid reduction of child poverty.

Promoting Education

Basic needs for the elderly


Living Environment

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Impact and Results

Now we are over 200 active members as well as 1800 members. Thanks to all these people and donations we already built 13 schools, and 4 wells. We help every month too:
– By giving each month around 2 million VND to each school for food. We also give second hand clothes every two months.
– We also help the poor people of Hoi An by distributing bread every morning. And a meal distribution in the city’s hospital twice a month.
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