We Care, We Share

About Us

A Brief History of Our Organization

We care, We share

The Ong Vang is a Vietnamese charity organization founded by Thanh in 2014 that helps children and adults with disabilities in Quang Nam province.


Thanh was born in 1980 in Hoi An and grew up with nothing, living the difficulties in the first person. After successfully completing his studies in tourism, he became a tourist guide for eight years throughout Vietnam. His life became more stable, and he found opportunity to support and help poor children from the Quang Nam province by creating the organization Ong Vang.


Since his twenties, he has been passionate about coffee. Five years ago, he opened a coffee shop in which handicapped people are employed. Today, the coffee shop has 32 employers, including 14 handicapped (agent orange victims: deaf, dumb and brain problems). A portion of profits from the coffee shop are donated to Ong Vang Charity.

Who We Are

A local community group

Ong Vang is a local organization, in which part of the members have an active participation over many years and some even lived in conditions of poverty similar to those of underprivileged communities.
These experiences and cultural knowledge make it possible to identify the areas of greatest need, act appropriately, take the right actions and provide the basic needs.

Today, the organization has more than 200 active members in a total of 1800. And thanks to the support of the members, it is possible to carry out the actions of solidarity.

Who We Serve

The most vulnerable

The disparity in poverty rates in Vietnam can vary from 0.5% in cities (e.g. Da Nang) to 20%-30% in rural and highland regions. These data reveal that in these regions, the living conditions are very different and could be difficult to describe or imagine.

The segments most affected by poverty and with the least capacity to respond are children, people with disabilities and the elderly.

  • Provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
  • Save mothers and children
  • Fight disease and more loyality customer

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Some of the partners and donors who help us make a difference.